Tiny House today // multiplanetary living space tomorrow
12 May, 2016
#tinyhouse #smartliving #spacetravel

The housing market sucks. If you want to own a place to live in, debt-free and preferably in this life, you either have to be rich or work hard and be patient for years to build yourself a tiny house.

There are two reasons that make people want to get a tiny house. They want to live a simpler, more meaningful life, slimmed down to it's essentials and want to do so in an affordable way that will not make them go in debt for the rest of their lives.

I like the tiny house movement.

I want to build, own and live in one as many others do at this moment.

A tiny house usually isnt bigger than 20m² and can be mobile. It has everything you need to live a comfy life: a full-kitchen, a bathroom and a "bedroom"(which most of the time is a loft).


People say that this movement is nothing new and that people have been living inside of shacks, huts and other small living spaces for centuries. But something is different now.

The tiny house of today is full of modern technologies, designed individually after ones own imagination with every nook and cranny being used efficiently.

The modern tiny house is energy independent and environment-friendly.

Energy is won by solar-panels and saved in batteries. Water is recycled and saved inside of tanks. Food is grown and harvested(say hello to hydroponic vertical gardening my friend) and once 3D-printers go mainstream you will even be able to make your own tools and toys and whatever you can imagine.

Who knows what virtual/augmented/mixed-reality, which is directly integrated into your eyeballs and nervous system, will have to offer for expanding your living space in the future.

You are essentially going to live in Disneyland I think.

Now if you just had the ability to recycle the air you breathe to make your house completely independent from the environment outside you would have your own biosphere.

This is where it gets interesting.

I can not shake the feeling that the perfect tiny house would also be the perfect spaceship living quarter or housing for a moon/mars colony.

We, humanity as a whole, are preparing ourselves for the grandest journey ever taken.

The journey to the stars.

To gather knowledge, understand more of reality and spread consciousness.

Once we are a mulit-planetary species we will not only be able to move wherever we want to, we will be able to take our homes with us.

So to anyone planning to build a tiny house on their own:

Always keep in the back of your mind that we will become a multiplanetary species, rather sooner than later. With a healthy dose of science, technology and nature you too will have a home that will cater to your needs and make you happy.