Thoughts on reality and future space travel
27 April, 2016
#space #universe #transhumanism

Satellite over Earth For as long as I could think I was confused about the situation that we have found us in on this beautiful planet.

Thrown into reality, without all but too many instructions, out in the cold to fend on our own. This can and does break all too many people.

Every time you learn something new you have to be ready to let got of previous beliefs you held. Which is why it is important to always try to keep perspective on things.

Never take yourself too serious.

If you can not make sense of the world anymore you are lost. You will find yourself in a self-destructing loop. Hurtling down a an abyss of hopelessness, unable to hold on to or grasp what is happening around you. Only through outside help or sheer luck will you be able to find rescue; which can be only temporary, so you have to be careful not to stumble down the path that leads to the black hole that is your failure to play your part in reality.

Faster than most think you will be gone. You might still live but you will be dead inside, an input output machine without too much processing. If you manage to overcome your pertinent hurdles you will be stronger, more secure and aware of what is happening around you, why it is happening, how you can influence and manipulate it so reality will cater to your needs.

But you will always have to be careful and analytic in your perception of the world and your surroundings. Beware of what people say and what they do.

Oh so many times we do contradict each other with our actions. Hypocrisy at its finest can be found everywhere humans exist. It seems to be in our nature. Let us change that nature I say.

And if we cannot change that nature let us become something else, something more rational, whose actions can be accounted for by logic.

Yes I am talking about enhancing our senses and our brain with technology. We are already doing it in a way most can understand. Through tools, automation and use of computers. But we seem to be afraid of the unimaginable complexity that awaits us in the future. We will have to ponder the question again as to what is reality.

At a time where all your senses can be simulated, where you can live a thousand lifetimes in a myriad of virtual worlds; where will the difference be between virtual and actual reality? Time spent in the virtual reality will still be time spent in the actual reality now, will it not?

I imagine space travel to differ immensely from what we imagine it to be like right now.

Humanity will spread across the galaxy in a fashion without any possibility of staying in contact with earth or for that matter other spaceships. They will be too far away.

Every Generation ship, every Colony, each and every last one of humanities outposts in space will be on its own, have to take care for itself and make independent progress from the rest of humanity.

There will even be people that go on that journey alone or just with a loved one. The Universe will stand wide open for them.

You could fly for hundreds of years and never reach a destination, still living the life you had always wanted to live in virtual reality.

You could explore and colonize our galaxy while already living in a gargantuan virtual one of your own creation, flying through space, cocooned in your own metaverse.

Will we find other civilizations, other intelligent self-aware beings that live in their own metaverse as well as the main universe that we share with each other?

Will each encounter with another highly technological civilization increase the size of the metaverses exponentially and thus also decrease the entropy in the universe?

Is that even possible, to "virtually" decrease entropy?

(Update 2020: What?)

I will have to discuss this with a physicist. It is a fascinating thought for sure.