SuperRare Crypto Art
18 September, 2018
#ethereum #cryptoArt #digitalArt


SuperRare is a Marketplace for digital artworks, which can be purchased with Ether and whose Proof-of-Ownership is being recorded on the Ethereum Blockchain.

There can only be one owner of any artwork published. And nobody can take it away from you. It is a Token, that is ascribed to your Ethereum Wallet address.

As long as you do not loose your private key, that Token will be forever yours.

I think this is only the first step in the proliferation of digital artworks and media that can be owned, sold and transferred without an intermediary.

As I want to be part of this movement, not only as a Developer and User, but also as a Creator, I applied as an artist on the SuperRare Marketplace and got accepted.

Above you can see my artwork, a pixelart Panda, that I created a couple of years ago.

You can buy it for 0.69 Ether, if you want to.

You could also just copy the image and use it however you want.

But if you really want to legitimately own it with approval of and an appropriate compensation for the creator, you will have to buy it on SuperRare or any other similar Marketplace which is connected to a decentralised immutable ledger.