SkimmHN: Minimal Hacker News Client
09 May, 2019
#react-native #hacker-news #app-development


There is only so much time in a day to consume news. Be it articles, reviews, interviews, opinions or whatever. With so many options to choose from we simply cannot consume everything we would like to.

I noticed me wasting my time on reddit a couple of years ago.

Endless scrolling, endless content.

This isn’t a sustainable practice of consuming information, at least not for someone that wants to be “productive” in their life.

Which is why I limited myself to only reading a couple of Top stories per day.

Well, those days are over now.

I get my daily dose of information from my RSS-Feed (using Feedly since Google Reader’s demise) and YCombinator’s Hacker News.

Most mobile Hacker News Apps have too much bloat and options for my kind of use-case.

Which is why I developed SkimmHN.

SkimmHN displays the current Top 50 Hacker News stories + their comments. The comment replies are nested inside their own views and a Web View for the articles is built-in.

This is my first React Native project.

I am sure there are things that can be improved, but for now the App works as intended and replaced other Hacker News clients for me.

I might even go through the process of publishing SkimmHN on the App Store, if I get some feedback from people that would appreciate that.

But for now, if you want to, you can try it out using the Expo Client App.