Hopeless Utopia?
15 April, 2016
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City at Night

There is so much to see and do in this friggin' universe. The only solution that I see to instill the curiosity of humanity is to find out how to make us live way longer than we do today. I am talking about centuries, even more!

But I understand that to accomplish such an extraordinary goal, there are a myriad of tiny steps to take before reaching it.

Many people in different sectors specialize on a specific subject and expand humanities knowledge evermore with their work, giving opportunities to other people to use their work, expand on it, use it as a basis for further research and exploration, to find solutions to problems that mankind has and to find answers to the deepest questions about reality one can ask.

For example, how can we find a way for humanity to stop killing each other because of religious or other crazy ideologies, do we even know the reason why people get aggressive and have no empathy towards their fellow human beings?

Are these psychological causes, are they a cause of parenting or is it because of genes?

First we have to know the cause of something that is bad so that we can find an appropriate solution instead of just fighting its symptoms. There sure is no one right answer. Many theories have to be tried and tested to work out the way to a real solution.

Education has to be accessible to everyone, based in science and made available in such a transparent way so that it is believable and irrefutable as good learning material.

We have to treat our fellow human beings with respect in regards to medicine and health, nobody should be in debt for their whole life because of sickness or an accident!

That is ridiculous.

People are frustrated with their lives and their jobs, they see the corruption and unfairness in the world. Humanity is not yet working together, there is an unbalance in the power and wealth distribution.

It seems as though the only solution is disruptive structural change across all institutions of the world. The question is if that change will creep in almost unnoticed as it does now or if there will actually be a revolution, an uprising of the people.