Cryptopunk #7240
02 June, 2018
#crypto #ethereum #blockchain

Cryptopunk #7420

Say hello to the digital recreation of my soul, whose corresponding hash with proof-of-ownership tied to my MetaMask Wallet lives on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Phew! That was a mouthful.

So what does that mean?

Matt and John from Larva Labs have created a Crypto-collectible game called Cryptopunks. These punks are 24x24 pixel images, algorithmically created unique pixelart heads.

There are 10.000 of these heads in existence. The image composed out of all these heads is a simple .png file. The SHA256 hash of this composite images lives on the Ethereum Blockchain written in the Smart Contract for Cryptopunks.

Ownership of these punks is tied to a token, wich you save in an Ethereum wallet of your choosing.

Because there can only be one real owner of this asset(which is a token pointing to the digital image that you own), digital scarcity is achieved.

At first you could claim one of these heads for free(you just had to pay a small transaction fee). Now you have to buy it from somebody else.

So that’s what I did.

I bought Cryptopunk #7420 for 0.005 Ether(~30$).

I don’t regret anything and to my surprise I am now emotionally tied to a random string of numbers.

Which is why I am offering my Cryptopunk for Sale for 5 Ether(~3000$ as of writing), in the hopes no one will be buying it for that kind of price. For the unfortunate moment that someone does.. I think I will get over it.

So, if you want to you could buy my digital soul. Please don’t.